New Zealand

Destination New Zealand

New Zealand has something to offer everybody. It has wonderfully varied and large unpolluted landscapes, beaches, farmlands, forests, gardens etc. New Zealand is very proud of its ‘nuclear Free’ image. People from different social classes and ethnic groups live here with far fewer problems than found in most of the countries. There is a liberal democracy with a strong tradition of respect to human rights and freedoms. New Zealand has a relatively strong stable economy.

Most international students find New Zealand friendly, easy-going people who are interested in meeting those from other cultures and in travelling overseas. NZ is a very sports oriented country, most New Zealanders take part in or watch a wide variety of games. The best known sports and rugby and cricket, with netball, badminton, squash, skiing, tennis, basketball, athletics, soccer, and hockey also very popular, English is the day to day language in New Zealand and students from all over the world find it very easy to study, live and interact in New Zealand.

New Zealand’s major export products include fish, meat, fruit, dairy products and timer. It also produces a wide range of manufactured goods and is at the forefront in many areas of information technology and in biological and medical research.

New Zealand has an excellent education system, which is highly respected internationally. New Zealand institutes have an international reputation for providing quality education. It offers a safe learning environment which provides excellent study opportunities and support services for international students.

Courses are available for academics, professional and vocational students at universities, polytechnics, colleges of education,
New Zealand one of the least corrupt country in the world
The city of Auckland is the chosen location for 70% of all overseas migrants with a diverse population that is made up of many different ethnic races and groups
New Zealand has the lowest unemployment rate in the world
New Zealander’s are heavily involved in outdoor activities like sports and leisure.
New Zealand is the first country to allow women to vote
According to the Mercer Quality Life survey 2008, Auckland is rated as the 5th choice of the world. The main points in the survey were important factors like safety, education, hygiene, recreation, political- economic stability and public transportation.
Sir Edmund Hillary- the first man to reach the peak of mount Everest was a New Zealander(born in Auckland)and his face is on the New Zealand $5 bill
New Zealand does not have poisonous snakes or dangerous wild animals
New Zealand is one of the safest travel destination in the world, with a relatively low crime rate, few endemic diseases and a first class healthcare and accidental insurance system
According to the United Nations Development Programme report 2007-2008, New Zealand has a 99% literacy rate